About: This is ART


This is ART features the live musical performance of Art Webb, a skilled bassist and multi-genre electronic producer hailing from Nashville, TN. This is ART unleashes raw musical creativity in the form of improvised sub bass-guitar lines, broken break-beats, and epic synth melodies over self recorded samples and stereophonic soundscapes. The result is a distinctively rich sound, complete with melodic instrumentation and tasteful arrangements while paying direct homage to underground BASS music. Webb gives credit to his influences, “Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, DJ Shadow – they’ve all inspired me to create music without a specific genre in mind. Each song is an opportunity to envision something unique and original, something people haven’t heard of before.”

thisisart-press-image-02Art Webb’s musical legacy began at the young age of 14, purchasing a near-broken bass guitar and 4-track tape recorder to express his new-found ideas after being exposed to staple artists such as Pink Floyd and Miles Davis. On a whim of fate, Art co-produced two successful songs in the studio with internationally recognized female vocalist, Lollievox. He quickly sold his songwriting shares and began hand-crafting a computer for music production and recording. After releasing his first original mixtape CD in 2004, entitled “Fetal Myth Of Psyche”, the freshman producer surprisingly went viral, developing a cult following throughout his hometown of Nashville, TN. Art graduated college for Music Production / Multimedia Design In 2008 and immediately began touring under the alias, This is ART.

Within a few short years and 150+ performances to date, This is ART has toured throughout the United States, spanning from New York to Colorado while keeping a strong pulse in the Southeastern region. Art has shared the stage with renowned EDM acts such as Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, Ghostland Observatory, Shpongle, and Bonobo, and has collaborated live on-stage with artists such as Emancipator and Up Until Now. This is ART has also gained noteworthy performances at Camp Bisco Festival 9 & 11, Pretty Lights Illumination Festival, Bassnectar’s 2011/12 NYE AfterParty, and STS9′s Official 2013 Nashville AfterParty.