“Been on AOL since ‘96”

Somehow I had this idea to Google my old AOL screen name. Bam, this study shows up talking about email hoaxes (?) and somehow they included an email I sent out at age ten…

It got me to thinking about how this all even happened. Remember chain letters? Well I used to participate in them, back before spam was a thing… back when email was fun.

Who can forget that dopamine-inducing audio snippet of “YOU’VE GOT MAIL” – I mean, it was so much more than just a notification. It meant you were loved by someone. You intentionally created reasons to get mail. And thus, chain letters were the bop.

It gave me this idea about how one could utilize this technology to rekindle the love of one another communicating again. This blog would be cool if there were notifications, but man, it’s just a lot. Idk if I’m ready to alert you on my every move. Maybe like a weekly summary? That would be cool, but honestly, I dislike sending emails for the most part.

The stigma of e-mails has become such a hassle for stuff like this… it has this predator vibe now because everybody ruined it for the rest of us. The one-on-one emails are tight, but the mass emails, that’s where the gray area emerges into the scam spam domain.

I realize people don’t like to joke about spam. Whoa it’s nuts. You can’t mess around when someone enters their email. It’s like, “have a sense of humor…” but honestly, I feel that, too. The email game is getting out of control and I’m not down to contribute to the madness.

It’s just not fun anymore.

And social media?

I just can’t get down with the format of online communication these days. Like, serious. Even when it comes to the work related communication, it’s just a mess. I’ve tried all the apps and it’s never good enough. Once upon a time there was an app called do.com and they got bought out. Now I use asana.com and it’s “ok” but this is what I’m talking about.

I’m tired of “ok” – does anybody get it and want to create a better version? To be completely fair, after trying all the social media platforms from 1996 to 2004, AOL and MySpace were genius formats. The ecosystem was everything. I’m on a quest to create something similar with this website.

Dude, I used to have this tricked out MySpace page and I really do miss the love I used to get with my music. I had this custom audio player that contained every song I ever made. It didn’t have a song play counter, but it was just a vibe. It felt like there was a real community. But this website be feeling like an oasis that you have to go out of your way to discover.

I’ve got to get serious about how I can notify you about activity… I think that’s the missing puzzle piece. Because how else will you know about what’s going on otherwise? You come here once, read a story, then bounce, never to return again. What? You gonna bookmark this? Bookmarks are broken, too. I have so many folders. I rarely check them either, but, I use them from time to time.

What about an app? Nobody can remember their iCloud password… you can see, I’ve thought about this extensively. But for now I’ll continue my conversation later. ~art


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