Deep notes

One time I was at a mini burning man in Asheville, and the creator of burning man (I think) was at the fire after the ceremonial burning of the man. Anyway, he’s all talking to someone saying how this event we were at was ok but at burning man it’s a deep pool of dark colors on the rainbow spectrum. Dark blue and violet.

I never went to burning man but the imagination of what he described was much cooler than what the photos captured over the years of the mega gathering of like-minded folks.

Mainly you see a lot of naked people dressed up in cool outfits and lots of fire in the desert. I’m sure it’s all that but you gotta imagine I’m just sitting at the computer living in my mainstream bubble. I haven’t been 2,000 miles away from home without water, begging for a breath as I lose my brain in the desert, only to be revived by a caring soul who decides I should stay on planet earth for another day.

Live your life and do it real, not pixelated imaginations.

That’s all I got.

Right before a random person gave me a piece of hot chicken.

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