Do you only live once?

I mean, really. What’s the worst that’ll happen? You’ll have to sleep shitty, eating food from a dumpster worrying about your well-being when you doze off in an unsafe environment? Once upon a dream I got to taste the bottom of my life and you know what? It wasn’t the worst. I woke up like everyone else, worked my face off, and did the thing, just to pray for another night that I’d get to do it again.

I’d like to take a moment to address money. Boo, muthafugka – it’s all good to run south tha border where you can hide from fears indefinitely. Sell sell sell, do we need an introduction to this conversation? Or can we enjoy the dark rainbow of colors that emerge from the conditioning of being humans in a world of resources that we mine and trade indefinitely until we pass out from exhaustion? Ok, seriously tho. Me personally, I love points when it comes to video games. Do I play for the points? Or do I play to have the escape of having fun? You tell me. I just wanna chill and pop ish off. Maybe I’m a Lone Ranger in the game of gem collecting, but the slo-mo of things really does the trick for me. Sure, I like scoring big points, SO I CAN CHILL.

Am I a money crazed fuglet trying to screw up the game to get ahead? Naw dogg, let’s be real. I’m here to uplift the team of peeps around me. Yes, I have a squad. Yes it’s all super stars and we’re tight. The public mass of people at large ain’t as strong ‘un-united’… but. But… I’ve helped the public win, and for that, that’s good for everybody. I just choose to dig deep for the most enjoyment possible while I get to chill on behalf of my brain’s amazing scheme on the dream.

So with that said, yes, props to points. Yes, props to chilling. And props to helping a few brothas or mothas out. Because you just get more points that way. Is it all points in the wallet? Eh. What about the points that really matter? The points when you get to be with someone. Someone special, trying to get you off yo blog so you can make life special for one another. I’m out.


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