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I really don’t think I’m fitting the format of a blog for an artist when I write on here. I mean, yeah, I’m doing it. But… what are we doing here in the first place? I don’t feel like I’m giving you what you want. I’m still trying to find out what I’m publishing here. It’s been ok, just kinda boring. Also, it’s not online with lots of people to see this, so it feels empty, like a huge room and two chairs. You and I are just sitting here and I’m doing all the talking. I’d love some dialog instead…

I tried installing a chat room plugin on my website the other day but it didn’t go as planned, so I scrapped it. Even then, it’s not really what I’m wanting in the first place anyway. Actually, I would like to talk about some ideas of what I’m thinking of doing here. Let’s do this…

Ok so when you go to someone’s website, it’s kinda lame. Like… why are we even here? Social media is fun because you can comment and all that jazz. Plus DM (direct messaging) is pretty fly as well. Not so much with a website like this one. It’s as though you’re standing outside my home and I’m inside, broadcasting my message from a distance and there’s no interface for you to feel any kind of connection to what I’m doing.

As a matter of fact, I’m very much so online and in touch more than ever before. And I tried to put a comment box below each post where you can start up a conversation but even then, it just feels like asking a lot when maybe perhaps you feel like a stranger here. And still, I don’t necessarily want to invite people to comment anyway. It’s not like I don’t want to hear from you… it’s the other cracked out personalities I can’t really deal with here. There’s really not much of a filter, and the way it’s set up, I have to approve comments and for some reason that just feels lame.

The other idea I had was to make it more like a community where you have your own page on here, but then that gets sloppy, too. And I don’t have the server space to really manage that. But as you can see, it’s a step in the right direction to get participation on here. Like, why come to my site on a daily or weekly basis just to read my blog about my thoughts? I want something more enriching.

As you can see, there’s lots of thought I’m putting into this. And I know it’ll turn out dope, but right now this whole blog situation just ain’t cutting it for me. And same with a chat room… maybe that’d be fun, but I’d really have to moderate that. And the whole idea of sharing my content here is fun, but I’m pretty busy and don’t feel like being a content-monkey, just having to keep you here. Even if you subscribed and paid a monthly fee, it’s still going to be this huge job.

What I do know, is that I’m on my phone and want the interactions with you on your phone with me. Like, we’re hanging out, and it’s not overbearing to get emails or notifications regarding updates and whatnot. There’s this happy medium where you’re coming here for a good reason. And you need a real strong desire to keep coming back.

Writing in this blog alone won’t keep you coming back, and I’m not gonna spend all day making content for you unless it’s paid. I guess it could be like patreon where you pay every time I post some big stuff. But even then, I’m just thinking, there’s got to be a better way to execute this.

Yes, I do want to create… yes, I do want you here chilling with ya boyee. Yes, I want it to be relaxed, maybe even create a platform where I’m playing livestreams on here. But this website can only handle so much before it gets bloated with files stored on it. And I want to completely bypass the entire social media system with this.

You have no idea how many artists struggle with this… social media really hinder communication with fans. It’s nuts how little people’s messages are actually seen. Shit, I used to get tons of people to come out to my gigs back in the day when MySpace was still around. Then we switched to Facebook and boom, they started charging money to just reach you from my Artist page. It was a joke.

So maybe I’ll continue this dialog in another post, actually this was a very helpful one-sided brainstorm. But I thank you for playing the sudo-coach to listen to me while I hash out my thoughts. It kinda helped give my blog a purpose now. Alright, back to work. Talk soon, and yo, there’s a comments box below that actually works, idk if you really have much to say but haha… at least it’s there, and I’m really curious if anybody is randomly reading this. My stats actually said people were clicking on my blogs but that could just be robots. Maybe you’re a robot, and you enjoyed reading this. AI be crazy then a mug.


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