Lost message

Everybody trying to get on the mic and say their two cent. Word. It’s like open mic nite, or karaoke, and it’s fun. But sometime it be like, confusing, or not focused. Or everybody in the crowd all like, nah. That’s how I been feeling writing these posts. Honestly, I don’t really have much I’m trying to publish, at least for you. We’re good. I mostly stick to music for communication. It seems to work better. But depending on what you’re trying to do, I’ve got lots to say. Just not much in the music department.

I am curious, though, to see if some message pops out in the process. There’s something cool about finding that thing that wants to exist in the world. Mostly, though, the YouTube commenter just wears my game out so I’d rather just not publish. Same with all of social media. You gotta think, I’ve been social online since like, 1996. After a while you gotta give it a rest. Especially with art, there’s something about it that can drain an artist in the process, which I find dangerous. People want ‘you’ and you can end up losing your identity simply by giving them too much access. But it’s always in the name of the message. Or the mood. Or whatever. Not trying to pin it down, I’m just trying to relate to what be happening in my experience.

That’s why none of these artists ever want to publish their work. That anxiety that society creates as a byproduct when it comes to sharing work. Measurement, inches, feet, all the stuff that makes things real. But in art it’s all fantasy. Mostly. See I don’t even want to try and describe it I just want to do it. Like I’m some philosopher? Nah dogg I’m just throwing some finger paints on a canvas, there are no typos there.


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