One of the dopest This is ART shows

Can’t get any crispier…

Aight so this is like the first real “story” I’ve told about a gig (in writing). Let’s just get down to the first point of business: it was a huge milestone in terms of things getting serious.

Now you may be asking yourself “why” this show was a game changer. Well because 465 people showed up. Second off, it was an out of town gig. Third off, I was headlining. I had been trying to play Knoxville as an opener for local acts and they even told me that I should just do my own show.

At the time, me driving out of town to play a concert meant huge risks—not just for me but also for the promoters potentially losing money by booking me, the people attending the event who didn’t want to come to an empty venue, and also my paper thin reputation of being an up-and-coming artist from out of town. Playing to no one was basically a death sentence to my plans of conquering the southeast region, after I had recently landed a few solid performances in Knoxville, and… (more story coming soon)

Awh yeah dat show poster went hard tho

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