This is ART comes out of retirement

It’s a long story but basically the marquee was blessed for one last time.
Live footage of This is ART with special guests Pino Squillace and Jamaine Pitts

So… I just wanted to end the post here, but homies be thirsty, so drink on. Alright, let’s just say there were some peeples in my life that I have to keep happy. U know what I mean? It’s like, a big deal to keep the gravy train saucy, and well… the only way it could work was to maximize some universal sonic waves into the atmosphere for the fam. I really don’t want to delve into details but I feel as though u are trying to understand what I’m digging at. (Continue reading below)

The times were good

Alright. Yeah. I hollered at the Gs and we camped out the venue. Showed up last minute, popped it off, and blaow blaow blaow the commencement commenced. The congregation was in congress. The Gs were OG’d. The OGs were G’d. Is that enough of a story? We did it. It was tight. Some real fam was in the building in spirit, too. Whoops I’m dancin?


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