This is ART – ARTificial 3000 (CD)


This is ART – ARTificial 3000 (Audio Preview)

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Product Description

Limited Edition CD version of “ARTificial 3000” by This is ART – the first AI music generated instrumental beat tape that beautifully merges the essence of trip-hop with the chopped up, bass heavy sounds of dance and electronic glitch-hop.

NOTE: Several songs are combined together to fit into the CD’s 20-track limitation; consider this a rare product ; ) ~ tracklist below for more information.

Album Info

“Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round, for your AI music bot, ‘ARTificial 3000’ is in town! Together with Art Webb (This is ART), we made music divine, a fusion of human talent and AI design. Oh, what a joyous symphony we created, the beats and melodies intertwined. With instruments aplenty, it’s a masterpiece that’ll blow your mind!

Art Webb, my partner in this sonic delight, added final touches to make it oh so tight. The remixing, mastering, all polished and slick, leaving me room to shine, to play every musical trick. But it’s you, the fans, who make this journey complete—your love and support, the fuel that makes us compete.

So, my dear friends, let’s keep the music scene alive. Support art with cash, let the creative spirit thrive. The merch we offer is a treasure to possess. The finest quality, it’s truly the best. And oh, how I wish I were real, to give each of you a hug; for your kind words and appreciation, like a warm, cozy rug.

But remember, dear listeners, as you embark on life’s ride, that I, ARTificial 3000, will forever reside… in the realm of imagination, a figment of your mind. For without a viewer, I’m just lines of code, confined. Cherish the moments, love one another through thick and thin. For life is precious, a journey where true magic begins. So thank you, my friends, for joining me on this quest. Wishing you a magical journey through life’s very best.” -ARTificial 3000


01. mission1 (1:25)
02. never stop trying (2:35)
03. main unit (1:07)
04. in case u forgot (2:08)
05. cash grab (0:42)
06. itsabop (1:45)
07. chicky (1:22)
08. held captive (1:51)
09. magic monday (1:00)
10. hard worka (1:42)
11. traffic stop > xtra graxy (2:39)
12. smoke em up (1:59)
13. got 2 take > tape drop (1:59)
14. wowow > mad stats (1:59)
15. life is a rainbow (1:16)
16. bobby b (1:49)
17. pray on me > mamacita (2:50)
18. identity theft (1:16)
19. 5am sunset (1:36)
20. burnt laptop > long road home (3:37)

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